Welcome Letter
Dear Neighbors,
Welcome to our beautiful community of Christian faith and HOPE!

If you are searching for a church home to worship in and nurture your faith and the faith of your family, we have a place just for you.

If you are looking for a church that is interested in you and your family, we invite you to  check out Hope Lutheran Church.
If you are concerned about  a church that teaches the truth of God's love in Jesus, we invite you to check out Hope Lutheran Church.
If you are interested in a church that cares about the faith needs of young and old alike, we invite you to  try out Hope Lutheran Church.

We have opportunities for you and your family to grow in relationship with Jesus and with a vibrant community of people who share the love of God in Jesus.

We invite you to visit us here at Hope Lutheran Church and experience the love of God in His Son Jesus and have the needs of you and your family met.

Hope Lutheran Church is located at 6455 Joliet Road just east of Willow Springs Road and west of Brainard Ave on the north side of Joliet Road.
Come as you are and join us for worship and fellowship!